World’s first cloud platform of spectra – Spectrum Genius, represents endless possibilities
Aug 30, 2017

“” is the world’s first Cloud Platform with thousands of data on all kinds of light fixtures and lighting applications. This innovative new service enables anyone in the lighting industry to easily acquire global lighting information and find their product positioning.

“” not only provides reliable information on global lighting, but also provides many convenient features. Users can quickly find the type of light they want to search for with an easy-to-use “Lighting Situation” feature. In addition, “Spectrum Collection” can also be used to collect users’ favorite lighting information for use in consultations and to make comparisons of saved measurements later on.

This platform also provides complete lighting knowledge aimed at general users, ensuring that anyone can find exactly what they’re looking for based on actual spectrum measurements and practical application photos of lighting conditions.

Who directly benefits from this service? Lighting Passport users can create their own lighting information data on this platform via the new “Spectrum Genius Plus” APP series. By comparing their own lighting information against a robust collection of reference parameters, users can find their own product positioning or the ideal product and win a leading place in today’s competitive online marketplace.