Online Comparison: National Palace Museum vs Rijksmuseum
Feb 05, 2018

Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a fascinating study on visual perception which revealed that, when shown identical pictures, people from Western countries tend to focus their attention on more conspicuous objects in images while people from Asian countries often spend more time looking at the backdrop of an image, taking in the overall scene as a whole.

Lighting Secrets from One of the World’s Most Famous Museums
Jan 29, 2018

The National Palace Museum, located in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei, drew a total of 4.67 million visitors in 2016, making it the world’s sixth most-visited museum according to a report produced by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the engineering firm AECOM.

Online Retrospective: HK Lighting Fair AE 2017
Dec 21, 2017

Did you miss the show? If so, don’t worry — Asensetek has your back! We’ve selected more than 100 of the most exciting products featured at the exhibition, including specifications and measurements, and compiled them into a handy list for your perusal.

Spectrum Genius Cloud Service – Download and Access Measurement Records in One Click!
Dec 08, 2017

Life just got easier for Lighting Passport users thanks to the addition of a convenient new function in the “Spectrum Genius” Cloud Service! Using a single click, measurement records saved in the cloud can now be downloaded to any PC, giving users more flexibility to work and analyze data on a desktop or laptop.

Nov 14, 2017

SGM+ is automatically synchronized with the Spectrum Genius Cloud Service, you’ll never have to worry about losing your spectra records. With SGM+, users can directly share data with individuals — or publish records on the cloud for the whole world to see!

World’s first cloud platform of spectra – Spectrum Genius, represents endless possibilities
Aug 30, 2017

“” is the world’s first Cloud Platform with thousands of data on all kinds of light fixtures and lighting applications. This innovative new service enables anyone in the lighting industry to easily acquire global lighting information and find their product positioning.